Tom Haren Responds to Michael Skindell’s Hateful Comments

Tom Haren Responds to Michael Skindell’s Hateful Comments

PARMA, OHIO – Tom Haren, a candidate for the 23rd District Ohio Senate seat, issued the following statement today regarding the statements made by Michael Skindell about the Catholic Church:

When I was growing up, my mother worked for Catholic Charities as a social worker helping to facilitate adoptions. My family was, and still is, Catholic. My upbringing gave me the opportunity to see first-hand the positive influence that the Catholic Church can have in peoples’ lives. That’s why I could not disagree more with Michael Skindell’s comments. 

Politics is at its worst when candidates, concerned only about re-election, decide to disparage entire groups of people to meet a political end. It reinforces an “us vs. them” attitude that prevents real, positive change from happening. It’s what people hate about politics. It’s what I hate about politics.

Our campaign is about building consensus and presenting a positive vision for our District. It’s why I’ve even stood up to members of my own party when they have chosen to engage in this type of nonsense. 

Words matter from elected officials, and Michael Skindell’s history of hyper-partisan, divisive language makes it clear why his fundraising is down almost 80% and why he was rated as one of Ohio’s least effective State Senators. 

Michael Skindell must apologize immediately. The voters of the 23rd District deserve better than somebody who chooses to pander to the fringe wings of his party instead of working to make meaningful progress in Columbus.

Tom Haren is running a campaign towards bringing together diverse groups of voters and stakeholders to accomplish his goals of cutting taxes, eliminating poverty, and reducing the government’s involvement in Ohioans’ personal lives.

For further comment, the Ohioans for Haren campaign can be reached at (216) 282-7514.

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