Tom Haren Calls for Richard May to Apologize Immediately for His Offensive Comments

Tom Haren Calls for Richard May to Apologize Immediately for His Offensive Comments

Tom Haren issued the following statement today regarding recent public comments from Richard May, a current candidate for Congress in the 9th Congressional District:

I was stunned to read Richard May’s recent comments as covered by the Northeast Ohio Media Group. The misogyny he espoused has demeaned the privilege that he was given by the voters in the 9th Congressional District to serve as a candidate for elected office.

While our political parties may determine party platforms and official endorsements, candidates control the tenor and tone of political campaigns. As a candidate, I believe that we should focus on putting forward a platform to grow the middle class. Unfortunately, Richard May has chosen instead to further the culture of political division that I’m fighting to change.

The Republican Party is, at its heart, a party of inclusion. Republicans strive to afford every person, regardless of creed, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, an equal opportunity to succeed. With the 2016 Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our diverse community and the GOP’s commitment to broadening the Party’s reach. Richard May’s recent comments take away from that message and they damage his own credibility as a candidate.

As a father, husband, son, and brother, I am personally and deeply offended by Richard’s language. His very presence on the ballot has now become an unnecessary distraction – he must offer a genuine and sincere apology immediately so that we can bring our focus back to the issues Ohioans care about.

Tom Haren is running a campaign geared toward building a unique coalition of supporters, especially among non-traditional Republican voters. On the campaign trail he focuses on cutting taxes, eliminating the systemic causes of generational poverty, and reducing the government’s involvement in Ohioans’ personal lives.

For further comment, the Ohioans for Haren campaign can be reached at (216) 282-7514.

To view a PDF of the full campaign press release, please click here.

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