Tom Haren Attends Cleveland Pride

Tom Haren Attends Cleveland Pride

This past Saturday Tom Haren attended the Cleveland Pride Parade with the Cleveland Log Cabin Republicans chapter. Event organizers believe this was the largest Cleveland Pride Parade in the organization’s history, drawing thousands of people to Cleveland’s Voinovich Park.

“It was important to me to stand with our LCR chapter because our campaign’s message of inclusion and liberty crosses the traditional political divide,” Haren said. “The ultimate insult of big government is it’s insistence on inserting itself into people’s personal affairs,” he continued. “When government can tell two committed people whom they can love, government has gotten out of control.”

Haren has long advocated for a state government that respects the individual liberty of each Ohioan. On top of that, he is the only candidate in the race with a plan to finally address systemic poverty in our communities through a sustainable, free-market approach designed to encourage lasting business investment in low-income communities. He is also a supporter of reduced tax rates and a streamlined regulatory environment to foster even greater job creation than Ohio has seen during the last four years.

Ohio Senate Candidate Tom Haren at Cleveland Pride“I’m a believer that people are better off when government gets out of the way,” Haren said. “That means out of their wallets and out of their family rooms.”

To learn more about Tom Haren’s campaign for the Ohio Senate, you can click here. If you’d like to volunteer for the campaign, you can reach Tom at

And, if you’d like to donate, you can do so by clicking this link.

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