Michael Skindell: Too Liberal, Ineffective, and Out-Fundraised.

Michael Skindell: Too Liberal, Ineffective, and Out-Fundraised.

PARMA, OHIO – Career politician Michael Skindell’s week went from bad to worse last week. First, he received unfavorable ratings relating to his work as a legislator. Then he learned that he was out-fundraised by Tom Haren’s upstart campaign to unseat him.

The Washington Post published a Sunlight Foundation chart for state legislatures throughout the country, ranking each chamber’s members by partisanship and success in getting bills passed. Michael Skindell was identified as the most liberal member of the Ohio Senate, as well as one of its least effective. “The Washington Post’s story simply confirmed what we already knew,” Tom Haren, Skindell’s upstart opponent in the 2014 election, said. “Senator Skindell prefers political grandstanding over effective governing.”

Even worse for Senator Skindell, he was out-fundraised by the Haren campaign during this last reporting period. In fact, Skindell’s fundraising is down approximately 80% when compared to this point during his 2010 campaign.

“Some things are becoming increasingly clear,” Haren said. “Senator Skindell does not have the support that he once did, and the voters of Ohio’s 23rd District are ready to elect a State Senator who will get things done.”

“It’s time to turn the page on hyper-partisanship,” Haren continued. “Northeast Ohio deserves better than a career politician who can’t deliver on his promises.”

For his part, Haren has made it a goal of his campaign to finally address the scourge of systemic, generational poverty in Northeast Ohio through smart, sustainable reforms. He’s advocated for lower taxes and increased economic development, and also for getting the government out of people’s personal affairs.

For additional comment, please contact Tom Haren at (216) 282-7514, or via email at tharen@haren2014.com.

To view a PDF of the official campaign press release, please click here.

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