Tom Haren Endorsed by Cuyahoga Valley Republicans

Tom Haren Endorsed by Cuyahoga Valley Republicans

PARMA, OHIO – For the second time this week Tom Haren has received a major campaign endorsement. After  the Cuyahoga County Republican Party voted to endorse Tom on Tuesday, the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans voted to endorse Tom’s candidacy on Wednesday. This most recent announcement was delayed to allow time to contact each candidate who sought an endorsement.

Cuyahoga Valley Republicans is a grassroots organization that promotes freedom, liberty, and the ideals contained in the United States Constitution.

“This has been an amazing week for our us,” Tom said. “First we were honored to receive the endorsement of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party, and now we’ve established that support for our campaign also comes from the grassroots.”

“We know that our message of liberty and economic opportunity transcends the traditional political divide,” he continued. “I’m thankful to President Dom Sciria, Screening Committee Chair Al Bota, and the rest of the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans membership for their endorsement.”

Tom Haren is a candidate for the Ohio State Senate from the 23rd District. For further comment, please contact Tom via email at or by phone at (216) 282-7514.

To view a PDF of the press release, please click here.

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